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SAAS, ICT, Cloud Computing, CAD/CAM Software, Lean Manufacturing and Operations, Modern Methods of Construction, Green and Environmental Building Technologies, Web-Based CRM and ERP Systems, E-Commerce, International Business Development, Market Research, Marketing, Project Management, Software Development, Electronics and Telecom Engineering, IP-Based Systems, and Multimedia.



  • Proven track record of leadership in rapidly-growing organizations including Start-up and IPO successes.
  • Combined expertise in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Sales, and sophisticated Technology Skills.
  • In-depth experience in establishing and fostering strategic partnerships with C-level clients, vendors and business partners worldwide, ensuring successful implementation of technology-based solutions.
  • Organized, take-charge professional with exceptional follow-through skills and detail-orientation, with an ability to plan and oversee projects from conception to successful conclusion.
  • Proven leadership qualities in managing diversified teams and leading by example, expertise in bottom-up goal-setting and performance assessment and improvement mechanisms.
  • Exceptional problem-solving, negotiation, time management, and presentation skills.


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